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Integrated pest management, or IPM, is thought by numerous people to be the greatest approach to pest management. Because of this Bulwark Exterminating implements IPM into our practice. The main goal of IPM is to find conditions that appeal to bugs and let them survive. Next, IPM looks at the environment your home provides for a pest, where the creature is getting its food, and the creature itself, and figures out the best way to eliminate the problem. Noticing the three parts of IPM make it easier to figure out conditions that are attracting uninvited pests to your house in Knoxville. By knowing about the environment, available food sources, and particular bug you are dealing with, it is much easier to effectively eliminate unwanted pests from an area. Here we are going to teach you more about IPM and why it can be a better approach to pest control.


First, IPM looks for environmental factors that are conducive for a pest to live in. When having to deal with animals, it is necessary to notice that they are living in a space because the environment surrounding it is providing something to the animal. This could be a certain temperature, material, shelter, etc. If your house provides environmental factors that make it easier than the outdoors for the pest to do well, it is very good to take note of this. Take a look around your surroundings and see if there is a place that would be an ideal place for a critter to inhabit. For instance, if you are dealing with scorpions you could find out if the building has something conducive to an ideal habitat of a scorpion; an old washer or dryer, a collection of kids toys, or firewood. Like these, there are a lot of common household things that could seem like habitats lots of critters might like to live in. Taking note of these sorts of environmental components can help you to fix problem areas before a pest even tries to move in.

Food Source

After understanding what environmental components could make pest control more difficult, the next factor of IPM we should look at is where a pest gets its food. It is good to notice if you are actually providing food to a pest so that you can eliminate this food source, and in turn eliminate the pest. Many people complain about having fruit flies in their home or outside of it, and technician will arrive to find a fruit tree, ripe with fruit, in the backyard, or a bowl of fruit sitting on the kitchen counter. This fruit is what is luring in the fruit flies, and learning this will make it way easier to eliminate the pest problem. Instead of having to use dangerous pesticides, the person with the fruit flies could sacrifice their tree, or find another place to store their fruit. By noticing the food source of the pests invading your space, you can locate their food source and get rid of it. In doing this, you don’t have to use dangerous insecticides or expensive pest removal plans.


The last aspect of IPM that you will learn about is the specific insect, and what specifics about the critter determine how you will want to go about getting rid of it. One thing you could ask yourself is “How dangerous is the creature that I am facing?” Obviously, we want to try to use the most environmentally friendly solutions we possibly can when getting rid of unwanted pests. But we know that, depending on the nature of a animal or bug, sometimes more extreme measures have to be taken. For example, scorpions are quite harmful to humans so they require a more drastic approach when dealing with them. Other pests, like the fruit flies, are more tolerable for people and pets to be around and therefore can be taken care of in a way that is less extreme and does not require any pesticides. At Bulwark Exterminating, we have trained employees who are able to help you identify your pest problem, and the specific critters involved, and tell you the best way to solve it.

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If you’re in need of a pest control company in Knoxville that uses progressive ideas, as well as power spray, granules, and in-wall applications, Bulwark Exterminating is the company to rely on. We’ve been highly sought after and reviewed by many people who have had pest trouble. So look no farther because you’ve found Bulwark Exterminating. We will get the job done quickly and we’ll gladly work with your schedule to find the most convenient time to help you keep your house safe and pest-free.