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Can you think of an insect that is infamous for being gross, terrifying, and almost impossible to kill? If you were thinking of the cockroach, you got it right. These critters are a kind of pest that nobody would like to find in their building, eating some old pizza or a candy bar. If you find yourself with roaches in Knoxville, try to find a good pest control company, or even more specifically roach control, as soon as you can. These pests are not only frustrating, but unfortunately they also happen to be really difficult to kill.

In Florida in the 90’s, pest control specialists realized that it was effective to bait cockroaches with a sweet, poisoned mixture, but soon enough this method wouldn’t work anymore. Many roach control specialists wondered if the roaches hard grown immune to this poison, but really, the creatures changed their genetic code.

Scientists realized that roaches actually are covered in little taste hairs, all over their body, that transmit signals conveying tastes up to their brains. Researches chose to look speicifically at two different nerves, one nerve that transmits a bitter taste to the cockroach’s brain, and another nerve that transmits the taste of sweetness. What the people studying the roaches have discovered so far as the ineffectiveness of frequently used poisons is that the poisons are not actually what happen to be ineffective, but roaches have evolved their genetic make-up overtime and discarded the taste for glucose. If you don’t know, glucose is an ingredient used in a majority of sugary products, like the sugary poisons that are used to kill cockcroaches. But it was discovered that glucose transmits a signals that sends a bitter taste to cockroaches’ brains, but this did not used to be the case.

The genetic makeup that used to send a sweet taste to the roach’s brain when it would taste glucose has changed, and due to this cockroaches are passing off this gene and becoming some type of super roach.

But luckily, this research is teaching pest control companies, like Bulwark Exterminating, to more efficiently and effectively exterminate cockroaches, and keep ahead of them even as they evolve.

If you find yourself having trouble with roaches, search for Knoxville pest control, or call us today to talk with a representative who will be pleased to help you.

Quality Knoxville roach control is easy to find if you know the right places to look, and we can help you out here at Bulwark Exterminating.