As the cool fresh fall weather moves in, a war of sorts is announced by homeowners; against yellowjackets, paper wasps, and hornets. These wasps possess a propensity to turn hostile during the fall, as their eating habits changes from the proteins and carbohydrates they are used to throughout the spring and summer, to sugar-rich foods such as ripe fruit and sweet soda throughout the fall.

Fall Wasp Wars

Wasps come programmed with a propensity to change combative during the months of the fall season. One wasp colony can have over 10,000 female worker wasps whose sole objective is to seek for nutrients to bolster the colony. Wasps in quest of these sugary sweet nutrients turn potentially hostile, spoiling outdoor activities and harassing backyard barbecues. The consequence? Awful stings, many times repeatedly, whenever human interaction is present. These painful wasp stings usually happen when they perceive you as a threat, walking barefoot near food, or swallowing wasps that have creeped into soda cans.

To make matters worse, wasps possess a built-in cautionary system that alerts more wasps when a hazard is present. All you need to do is barely swipe at a yellowjacket, and a cautionary pheromone is released that delivers out an army of wasps to charge the invader.

It’s relevant to note that throughout most of the year, wasps retain to themselves and are typically harmless; only showing protective behavior when their colonies are endangered. No matter the time of year, it is suggested that homeowners feuding with fall wasps not do so alone. It’s favored to phone the aid of a pest management specialist.

Such was the example when Knoxville’s own Anna, contacted Bulwark Exterminating to help out with her wasp problem. Here’s the enthusiastic review she left Bulwark on Yelp:

Excellent Yelp Review For Servicing Fall Wasps

Yesterday we had a swarm of yellow jackets, wasps and bees surround our home. Tonight is Halloween! I was frantic!

I called the pest company that has been servicing this house and they told me they would have to charge me extra to come out and help and then “I believe” they accidentally hung up on me.

I called Bulwark Exterminating and they were so nice and understanding. He understood what was going on. I told him I needed to also sign-up for quarterly service since I was going to be cancelling the service with my current company who couldn’t help me.

They had a technician, Orlando Council, at my house by 7:30am!!! The next morning! I couldn’t believe it! I was sooo happy to see him sitting outside my house waiting for me!!

I walked him through our house inside and outside. He immediately got to work finding the source of the insects and did a full house extermination inside and outside for me.

We are also currently using this company for another house we have.

They didn’t charge me extra. They didn’t charge me that usual LARGER first bill. He did so much to help us. He solved our insect problem.. so we can have a safe and happy Halloween tonight.

I can’t tell you how truly thankful I am… that they cared so much for us, to take the extra effort to add us to their already busy schedule… And not charge me extra or an “arm and a leg” for it!

They only charged me my regular quarterly fee.

Bless them! Orlando – you are the man!!!!

Fall Pest Control

If you are observing a huge number of wasps in your lawn, or are even noticing a wasp’s nest, please try not to take care of it youself. Doing so can be very dangerous. Call Bulwark Exterminating at 865-522-5222 for a professional pest control company instead!