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There is something strange in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters? That something strange may be a ghost, but not the ghost you were thinking of. I am speaking about ghost spiders.

Do you continually experience any of these symptoms while viewing your favorite late night TV drama or just unwinding in your home:

  • Hairs on the back of your neck rise!
  • Your skin starts to crawl!
  • Observe unfamiliar movements out of peripheral vision!
  • Usually feel like you’re being observed!

If you have experienced any of these symptoms this Halloween or Autumn season, your house may be plagued by ghost spiders!

Yea you heard it right. Ghost Spiders! If they weren’t already terrifying enough, why would someone want to name a spider, Ghost Spider?

Ghost Spiders

When alluding to ghost spiders, I’m not talking about the familiar spider superstition that if you identify a spider on Halloween it’s the ghost of a deceased family member guarding over you.

The Ghost Spider is an actual living, [[breathing|functioning] spider and likes to nibble at you when it anticipates you are not on guard. These specific spiders are particularly discovered in certain sections of the United States.

Ghost Spiders are brownish-yellow or light brown in color and are frequently around ¼ of an inch to 1/2 inch in length. When they bite or feed, they utilize their scissor-like jowls which move back and forth. A poke by this spider feels very much like a pin prick or bee sting; but, the toxin is not fatal to humans. When bitten you may realize some welts and discomfort.

These spiders quickly capture their victims in the evening. And in the daylight they’ll retreat to their shelter. If you are like me and hate spiders you would almost prefer it were harassed by a real ghost and not by these eight-legged critters.

Ghost spiders are generally identified in the southern regions of the United States and are especially common in Florida. The three most familiar species of ghost spiders discovered in the U.S are:

  • Yellow Ghost Spider (Hibanan velox)
  • Garden Spider (Hibanan gracilis)
  • Green Ghost Spider (Wulfila albens)

Serious spider invasions should always be evaluated by an expert spider control company. Bulwark Exterminating is the company who has the background, technique and equipment to handle this task. Now you know who you’re gonna call. Bulwark Exterminating! Because we ain’t afraid of no ghost. Well not ghost spiders.