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Everyone loves spring, it’s a huge relief especially after a chilly winter. There’s only one problem that come with warmer weather: insects. Everyone knows that in Knoxville when everything has warmed up, the ice and snow have melted and the sun comes out, the bugs also come out again. And as it gets warmer and warmer, more bugs continue to appear, throughout the entire summer. If you realize you have an infestation, there are only two things you can do: find a professional pest control service, or attempt getting rid of the bugs on your own.

To help you out, here at Bulwark Exterminating, we made a list of unusual home treatment remedies and different approaches that you can try to eliminate some of the most common (and most bothersome) creepy crawlers that might try to invade your home this spring and summer.


Cockroaches are notorious for being seemingly impossible to destroy, they seem like they could make it through almost everything. But these pests could have a weakness, hot sauce could be something these bugs can’t handle. If you want to rid yourself of roaches, make a solution by mixing together hot sauce and water, and then put the mix into a spray bottle so you can spray it where you have seen the roaches. If this does not drive the roaches out, you can try it with borax and sugar, with one part sugar and three parts borax.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs might be difficult to eliminate, because you can’t easily step on or swat them in the same way you could different kinds of bugs, because you wouldn’t want to get a whiff of the pungent odor they expel after they get crushed. Most people want to avoid this stink no matter what it takes. An interesting method used to discourage stink bugs from coming into your home actually involves using a smell, one of heavy dryer sheets. If you have found that stink bugs have been sneaking inside through the doors or the windows, you can rub dryer sheets (any dryer sheets, but stronger scented sheets will be more effective) against the screens. This will discourage the stink bugs from entering into your house in the first place. Another thing you could use to try to ward off stink bugs is catnip, a type of herb that you can find at most department stores. If you sprinkle catnip around the outside of your home, particularly the areas where you have seen stink bugs before, you should be set.


One of the most ubiquitous pests, even more so in the spring and summer would be ants. These tiny critters tend to be everywhere you look, and unfailingly in huge quantities. There are tons of methods to get rid of as well as prevent against ants that you might not known even existed. There is one method that focuses on using chalk. The theory is that if you scribble some lines of it in front of your doors, the ants won’t enter your home. This should also work with baby powder, since ants do not like cornstarch, which is in baby powder. If you put this around the places you have seen ants around, they are going to disappear in no time. If baby powder doesn’t work, you should try cayenne pepper, which has an ingredient called capsaicin which is extra irritating to ants.


Though it’s true that bees are vital for plants to grow throughout the warm seasons because of their pollination, and we all love their honey, nobody wants the stinging insects too close to their home. If you want to keep bees away, a fun thing you can do is to plant marigolds. Not only are they beautiful, but they can also be very good when it comes to repelling bees. Something else you can do to keep bees away from your house is to keep the grass in your yard cut short. The longer your grass is, the more likely it is that bees will move into your yard.

Make sure you test these methods out, but if you continue to have pest control problems in Knoxville, try calling Bulwark Exterminating and we will do all that we can to help!