You never want to come into your home and find someone standing on a chair, scared because they just saw a tiny mouse run across the ground. But mice are very prominent in Knoxville that the likliness of finding one in your home is high. If you have a mouse problem, you can call Bulwark Exterminating for mice control. We’re sure nobody wants mice in their house, but here are six facts about mice that could make you think of them differently.

1. Mice are cleaner than some people

Many people think that mice are dirty critters. In reality, mice are very clean. Mice are quite organized, and move their things into different places. They have a specific area for eating, another area that acts as a bathroom, and a place that they have for just living.

2. Mice eat – they eat a lot. They eat up to twenty times per day.

Because of this mice search for a place to live that that is close to food. Because they need easy access to food homeowners often see them creeping about their kitchen or other living spaces. If a mouse can get food, they will continue coming back.

3. Mouse whiskers have a purpose – actually two

The whiskers that mice have are there for a purpose, two actually. These whiskers allow a mouse to tell them when there are changes in the weather. Whiskers have another purpose, they tell the mouse what kind of surface that it is treading across.

4. Mice have a lot in common with gymnasts

Mice are able to swim, climb, and jump. Actually, mice have been known to jump approximately a foot high, allowing them to easily access  pantries and counter tops. If you are finding mice in your home make sure to keep food in plastic containers to keep mice from getting it.

5. Mice can be romantic

If a male mouse finds a female attractive he will actually sing love songs to her! We don’t really notice these interactions between mice since the noises are very high pitched, too high for people to hear. We do know this happens though since researchers have done studies about the way that mice mate.

6. Mice know how to escape

Mice manage to get through the teeniest spaces. Since this is the case, it is often hard to keep mice from invading your residence. But you are able to make it harder for mice by filling any outside holes with silicone caulk and any interior opening with steel wool.

Now that you know a little bit more about mice, you may be a tad more sympathetic towards them. Even if not, at least you have a bit of insight into the way that mice live. Still, if you have a mice control problem, we’re pretty sure you don’t want to keep them around. Contact Bulwark Exterminating for Knoxville pest control, Knoxville mice control, or with any questions having to do with mice.